The Paul V Photography Difference

Making memorable photographs and capturing the beautiful moments of your Wedding Day are just a part of Wedding Photography.  When you choose me as the Artist to tell your story, you can rely on professional level practices and strategies.

Professional Level and Backup Equipment

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Gear certainly isn't everything. I have made some beautiful photographs with entry level equipment. Over time, I have invested in professional level bodies, lenses, flashes and other equipment. The advantage is clear in many shooting conditions such as low light in a dark ceremony or reception.  Weather sealing allows  me to continue to photograph in foul weather. Technical expertise along with "fast lenses" and "full frame bodies give your wedding pictures that beautiful, exceptional bokah or depth of field. 

Nikon Professional Services

NPS Titanium

Titanium level Nikon Professional Services membership means if my gear is stolen, lost or broken. NPS will overnight me replacement bodies, lenses or flashes.

Professional Level Digital Management

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You can rely on professional digital management strategies. My camera bodies save to a primary and a backup memory card. On Wedding Day, I continually also back your images up to my laptop and a portable external hard drive. When I get to my studio the night of your wedding I back your entire wedding up to two more external hard drives. One stays at my studio and the other goes home with me and is backed up to my editing desktop computer.  Your Wedding images are on 7 separate storage mediums located in two different places. 


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Beyond Nikon Professional Services membership and backup gear, I also invest in a full suite of business insurances. Instead of basic "market value" equipment insurance, I carry "full replacement value" insurance. I also carry full liability insurance. A certificate is available to venues that request this.


One of the most overlooked aspects of hiring a  Wedding photographer is personality. You two and your friends and family will spend all day with the photographer you choose. Not to mention a significant time from planning and the engagement session to the delivery of your Wedding Album. 

The camera looks both ways! The energy and demeanor of your chosen photographer will show in your photographs. Don't hire Eeyore ! Go ahead, click on it! You need the visual!

Schedule a Wedding Photography Consultation in my

Studio in the Millworks to find out  if what I do is right for you.

Feel free to call or text me now to see if I am open for your Wedding Date.


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